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" ENGLISH - It will be released worldwide on September 11, eleven days before the airing of the American channel ABC of the new television series "Charlie's Angels", "THE ANGELS CONNECTION" (on Zimbalam label) the album conceived, directed and produced by the italian DJ and composer Federica Grappasonni, aka MISTURA PURA. The project, anticipated in recent months by the EP "LOOKING FOR THE ANGELS", is an homage to the '70s American television series "Charlie's Angels", which celebrates its 35th anniversary of his debut on next 22 September.

FEDERICA GRAPPASONNI is playing, in this '70 musical journey, with great names of the Italian and international jazz scene as the drummer LORENZO TUCCI, already with the HIGH FIVE QUINTET, ALESSANDRO GWIS, the AIRES TANGO QUARTET's pianist, the bassist LORENZO FELICIATI, the flutist CARLO NICITA, the trumpeter PEPE RAGONESE, the saxophonist VALENTINO FiNOLI, the TRIAD VIBRATIONS' drummer GENNARO SCARPATO, the cuban multi-instrumentalist PATRIX DUENAS, who in his long career has shared the stage with among others INNER CIRCLE, BUDDY MILES, KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND and ZIGGY MARLEY. Another special guest is the musician JEAN PIERRE SMADJA a great name from the Eastern music scene of Istanbul.

The album will be anticipated in the coming days on Youtube with the unpublished track "The Arab Connection" one of the more poignant track of all work because it highlights the old tension still so current on these days between the Arab world and United States (transmitted so well in the episode "Angels on Ice", third season). Starring on this track is a great musician of oud and electronic vibes Jean-Pierre Smadja a tunisian residing in Istanbul very famous and appreciated on France. "This track is the modern aspect is the "action "or yes the " connection "of our days at the point that it has convinced me to release the album on the date of the tenth anniversary of 11 September 2001". Another highlight is "Terror on Skis" a Charlie's Angels unpublished track in bossa nova style which opens and accompanies the whole episode of the third season of Charlie's Angels written by the couple sets Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliott and never released before.

ITALIANO - Esce in tutto il mondo l'11 settembre, unidici giorni prima della messa in onda nel canale americano ABC della nuova serie televisiva Charlie's Angels, “THE ANGELS CONNECTION” (su etichetta ZIMBALAM) l'album ideato, diretto e prodotto dalla compositrice e dj italiana Federica Grappasonni, in arte MISTURA PURA. Il progetto, anticipato nei mesi scorsi dall'Ep "LOOKING FOR THE ANGELS", è un omaggio alla serie televisiva americana anni '70 “Charlie's Angels” che proprio il 22 settembre celebra il 35esimo anniversario del suo debutto.

FEDERICA GRAPPASONNI si accompagna, in questo viaggio musicale anni '70, con nomi di spicco del panorama jazz italiano e internazionale come il batterista LORENZO TUCCI, degli HIGH FIVE QUINTET, il pianista ALESSANDRO GWIS, del quartetto AIRES TANGO, il contrabbassista LORENZO FELICIATI, il flautista CARLO NICITA, il trombettista PEPE RAGONESE, il sassofonista VALENTINO FINOLI, il batterista GENNARO SCARPATO dei TRIAD VIBRATIONS e il polistrumentista cubano PATRIX DUENAS, che nella sua lunga carriera ha condiviso il palco tra i tanti con gli INNER CIRCLE, BUDDY MILES, KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND e ZIGGY MARLEY. Un altro ospite speciale è il musicista JEAN PIERRE SMADJA nome di punta dell'attuale scena musicale orientale di Istanbul.

L'album sarà anticipato nei prossimi giorni su Youtube dall'inedito "The Arab Connection" il brano più pungente e attuale dell'intero lavoro proprio per quel suo mettere in evidenza quell'antica e ancora oggi così attuale tensione tra il mondo arabo e gli Stati Uniti (trasmessa nell'episodio "Angels On Ice", terza stagione) che trova protagonista all'oud e all'elettronica il musicista tunisino residente a Istanbul Jean Pierre Smadja. "Questo brano è l'aspetto "moderno" è l' "azione" o la "connessione" dei giorni nostri, è quello che mi ha convinta a pubblicare l'album nella data del decimo anniversario dell'11 settembre 2001". Altra chicca è l'inedito "Terror On Skis" una bossa nova californiana che apre e accompagna tutto l'episodio omonimo della terza stagione di Charlie's Angels composto dalla coppia fissa Allyn Ferguson / Jack Elliott e mai pubblicato su disco."
WARNING: "Charlie's Angels" theme was written by Jack Elliott, Allyn Ferguson, Mc Ritchie Grei - (c) Emi Gold Horizon, Spellgold Music, Emi Music Publish. All Charlie's Angels theme reworked in Mistura Pura style ("Angels In Chains / Consenting Adults"; "Antiques Angels"; "Target:Angels") are of property of Emi Gold Horizon, Spellgold Music, Emi Music Publish. The unpublished track "Terror On Skis" was written by Allyn Ferguson and Jack Elliott and it was never published before. "Looking For The Angels" (written by Federica Grappasonni and Lorenzo Duenas Perez), "Angels On A Cruise" (written by Federica Grappasonni and Lorenzo Duenas Perez), "Intro - The Angels Connection" (written by Federica Grappasonni), "The Arab Connection" (written by Federica Grappasonni), "Jill is dancing in the dark" (written by Federica Grappasonni and Alessandro Gwis), "Hight Tide in Waimanalo beach" (written by Federica Grappasonni and Gennaro Scarpato), "Sabrina in Vail Mountain" (written by Federica Grappasonni) and "Jill is dancing in the dark (piano solo)" (written by Federica Grappasonni and Alessandro Gwis) are property of Mistura Pura copyrights

Conceived, directed and produced by Federica Grappasonni aka Mistura Pura
recorded during various sessions between Milan, Lucca, Rome and Istanbul on autumn 2010 - spring 2011
it has been mixed at:

Milan - Effetto Note - Sound engeneer : Alberto Rovanelli
Rome - Icarus Recording Studio - Sound engeneer: Stefano Del Vecchio

mastering : Giovanni Versari, Faenza
artwork & images: Marco Renieri, Milan



Federica Grappasonni - melodic lines, samples, grooves, arrangements
Patrix Duenas - bass, guitars, keyboards, arrangements (1)(2)(3)(5)(6)(8)(9)(12)(13)
Alessandro Gwis - piano, arrangements (5)(10)(11)(12)
Lorenzo Tucci - drum (5)(12)
Jean Pierre Smadja - oud, elettronic (4)
Gennaro Scarpato - drum, percussions, arrangements (1)(2)(7)(8)(13)
Lorenzo Feliciati - double bass (13)
Pepe Ragonese - trumpet (6)(9)
Carlo Nicita - flute (9)
Valentino Finoli - sax (9)


Thanks to: Catherine "Kate" Jackson, Allyn Ferguson and his family especially Adam Conrad Ferguson and Daniel Ferguson. Pacific Princess "Love Boat", Francesco Rossi, Marcelo Soulé, Marco Renieri and all the great musicians who took part in this project. Dedicated to the original Angels of all times !


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Looking For The Angels" by Mistura Pura containing two different versions (latin funk and jazz-funk) of the signature tune of the US cult Tv series Charlie's Angels and two unpublished tunes. Featuring major italian jazz musicians and a US funk/soul multi-instrumentalist.







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